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Falco the red tail hawk education bird is getting moved to an outdoor enclosure :) the director was talking about setting him in one of my mews so he gets more one on one attention :D and shiva (2nd pic) is getting big, I hope to bring her into one of my mews to train and hopefully release soon as well :)

For those who are wondering what a pissed off great blue heron sounds like… A dinosaur

Some of the animals from the center today
1. Great blue heron in for general weakness, he is very aggressive and large
2. Female brown bat, in for kids throwing rocks at her but she seems to be fine just in for observatory
3.male brown bat, flew into a window, is fine now but staying in observatory
4. Pigeon in for weakness and has a tag, assume part of a research study calling the people who tagged him to find out more and being treated with fluids right now
5. Our education Russian tortoise all snuggled up in a blanket
6. a baby meadow vole, his sibling passed but he is flourishing
7. A seagull chick that we’ve had since it was a couple weeks old, this guy ended up being an imprint and will be used in education for seabirds
8. Juvenile comerant that came in stuck in fishing line with a hook in it’s crop, he unfortunately passed an hour ago. It was still nice to see one since they’re not in often


Posting these two little boys for someone — both rexes. Blue berkshire (if he looks odd in his photo it’s because he was currently trying to escape) and the black-eyed white. Blue is a dumbo, white is not. Day thirty-two.

MY NEW BABIES! They’ll be here by the end of August
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