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All the birds I personally work with and train at the wildlife center.
Falco- male red tail hawk
Mayday- male kestrel fledgling
Shiva- female red tail hawk fledgling
I start training with them tomorrow, I find that if a falconer helps train a bird it’s better off later in the wild. Falco isn’t being released though he’s an education bird since he can no longer fly due to an improper healing of his wing

Wildlife center updates: I went back to work today at the best job in the world
Did an event on Tarantulas, then fed the opossums and baby squirrel. The opossums are preparing to move outdoors then eventually released :) fed all the baby birds, and got this cute kingbird in I want to steal him and love him forever hahaha. Fed, walked, soaked and spent quality time with the box trutles, spurr thighed tortoise, and mountain turtle. Then took care of all the resident reptiles but blue tongue skink was especially posey today :)

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