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Riley is one of the most handsome rats I own

Wahh sorry!!

Sorry for the lack of picture posts my new USB cable came in the mail today so I should have tons of pictures to upload tomorrow!! I want to do an Easter photoshoot with the ratties and maybe a couple with my mouse!! In the next 23 days I’ll be out of high school forever and a official college freshmen! I feel as if I’m growing up to fast and I want to be younger again since it’s so much easier.

My prom is coming soon and I decided not to go(yes I know it’s my senior prom), my date is in New York until next month and I really don’t feel like asking anyone else since I was really looking forward to going, also I still haven’t gotten a dress so what’s the point to go anyways.. I like the after parties lol

Well I hope you guys are good and don’t forget to enter my contest give away!! My mischief and I send our gRATitude


First Riley is going to the vets tomorrow since his head tilt is worse then yesterday so he may have an ear infection. If his situation gets any worse and he starts to roll over while trying to walk do the his ear or head tilt I may have to put him to sleep.. It’s becoming very hard for me not to cry with him and I can’t imagine life without him but if he has to suffer I wouldn’t be able to live with myself…

Nova is completely blind in her left eye, the only reason I noticed it was because she attacked Micah for spooking her. I haven’t been home since yesterday morning so she went completely blind in her eye in a course of 24 hours. I’m going to put to saline in it to see if it helps her situation but I think she scratched the cornea or has a pretty bad cataract. If it seems to get worse by Wednesday night I’m going to bring her to the vets on Thursday. I moved Micah back with Kestrel, Briar, and Riley (they’ve played together everyday in the top half of the critter nation so Kestrel will be happy)

Today is full of problems and it’s very upsetting, I don’t think either Nova or Jetta are pregnant (thank goodness!) but I will keep an eye on them and continue their vitamins



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Winners will be drawn April 30th~ Please feel free to ask any questions you need to! This is my thank you to my wonderful followers :) Best of luck!




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